Rhetors are a type a stormtouched who have various voice-abilities. They are forbidden from communicating in almost every war except body gestures or else they face death.


All rhetors have some skill in communication. While some are more oriented towards body language, others are more accustomed to voice. They can effortlessly guide a conversation to the course they want and at least one of them can manipulate people through voice commands almost to the point of mind control. Even someone who is expecting the rhetor can be caught off guard and manipulated.


There have been rhetors for as long as there were stormtouched, but 40 years before the story, the King of Italoza was almost brought down due to the mechinizations of two of his trusted advisors, a twisted and a rhetor. When the coup was brought down, the king ordered that all rhetors be covered constantly by a mask, and accompanied by a rhetorguard.

Notable RhetorsEdit

  • Emerald - Currently working at Studio Da Rose. Escaped her guard when they were attacked by bandits.
  • Lingua - Currently on the run with Rhetorguard from the law. Last seen in Utitur Enim Corpus Rhetorem heading to Venecchi.
  • Domenico - Killed his Rhetorguard to escape. Killed Slug when he tried to torture Elena. Whereabouts unknown.


  • All Rhetors that escaped were due to manipulating their Rhetorguards. Emerald through taking advantage of their trusting relationship, Lingua through seduction, and Domenico through tiring his guard out over several weeks.