Milia is a city in the country of Italoza, and the main setting of Liber I and II of Twisted Cogs. It is home to 8 Studios and is where main protagonist Elena Lucciano currently lives.

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The city is encircled by a large stone wall made out of tan stones and reflect the sun enough to shine. They surround iron gates and appear, to Elena at least, as the gates of Heaven.

Master stonecrafters have designed the roads to make them look perfectly placed yet oddly patterned so as to keep out weeds. On both sides of the streets clean, smooth groves la in the stone. These groves are used to flow water through the streets and clean whatever trash is left.

There are eight artisan streets spread throughout the city like a wheel and in the center of it all is the Milian Castle. Each one has a studio that is easy to find as long as one keeps to the studio's respective street.

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