Italoza is the setting of the story, and based on real life Italy. It is a monarchy and under a recent surge of art and magic known as the renaissance.

History Edit

Before the Renaissance Edit

As this is simply an alternate Earth with a divergent history, it would be safe to assume that Italoza history before the stormtouched was the same or similar to real world Italy. Even real world mythology seems to exist in this world, as Elena references to the Norse myths by naming her weapon Mjolnir[1].

The Renaissance Edit

Eventually, special individuals began to appear, called the stormtouched. They would change the world in various unpredictable ways. One such example is when, several decades ago, a machinator named Radarius invented a laser beam that could melt armor. To defeat him, the army had to crawl on the ground, thus creating the term "Under the Radar."

Around that same time, the studio system was set up to bring in artist, both stormtouched and mortalis, who would gain skills to perform for royalty.

Trivia Edit

  • The Renaissance of Italoza corresponds with the real world Italian Renaissance, being in the 15th/16th century.

Reference Edit

  1. Elena and Isadora banter on the former's obsession with her hammer in Tempestas Ingruit.