Ele is the echo of Elena Lucciano and a main character in Twisted Cogs. He is Elena's grounding point, the down-to-earth adviser that always gives tips in Elena's best interest. He also has an interest in the rhetor Emerald.

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Ele has dark features and and brown eyes, which are frequently narrowed in a serious expression. He is noted to have a rough brow and a strong chin, with a strong tenor voice to compliment.

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 Liber I - A Student's Dream Edit

Arc I - The Journey and Initiation Edit

Ele is first seen on a cart ride to Milia with Elena and her mom. He begins to sing The Shadow's Plaything, but stops after he gets Elena in trouble for speaking to him, since he's invisible to everyone else but her. He then shows his contempt for Joanna, but also apologizes for whatever pain he's caused Elena. When the cart is busted, Ele helps Elena craft a makeshift wheel while discussing how things will be better in Milia without Joanna's constant vigil.

After several hours of travel, Elena and Ele are awoken from their nap by Joanna and watch the ate of Milia, speculating on what it is made of and how it works, before they enter the city. After traveling the city, they spot a Rhetor whom Ele thinks is attractive, causing Elena exasperation. When her rhetor guard and Elena's mother come back, they leave and head to Studio De Luca.

When they enter the studio, they are surprised when a girl named Arta asks who Ele is.

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