Caelators are Stormtouched whose abilities revolve around sculpture and/or carving. Their limitations are usually the material they can use or the items they can create.


Most Caelator have the ability to embue some form of life into their creations after they've been carved. Like Artifexes , Caelator suffer from what is known as the "Artists' Curse", in that unlike other Stormtypes, the Storm doesn't always touch their creations. Sometimes when a Caelator is done with their carving, they end up with just a pretty carving, nothing more.


As one of the more art-focused Stormtouched, Caelators tend to be more involved in the spheres of Courts than in combat. Their ability to create their own companions, servants and minions has lead to the commonly believed stereotype that Caelators are all stand-offish and introverted.

Notable CaelatorsEdit

  • Agnolia "Buggy" Nila - A garzona of Studio Malatesta who creates large insects of stone.
  • Lady Allium - A Master Caelator in Florenzia said to be so powerful that she can embue life into sculptures of things that do not exist in the physical world, like talking dogs or flying lions