A Student's Dream is the first book (Liber I) of Twisted Cogs which tells the story of Elena Lucciano, a Fabera who wants nothing more than to be a master artist, but very quickly finds herself surrounded by surreal events that push her headfirst into a world she never imagined.

Summary Edit

Chapter I - Arriving to the Big City Edit

On a cart ride to Milia, Ele begins singing a song, but Elena gets tired of it and asks him to stop. Her mom sees this and grabs her recently broken wrist to keep her quiet, as Ele is an echo who she can't see and thinks Elena is just talking to an imaginary friend. An hour after this, the wheel of the cart breaks and Elena convinces her mom to let her fix it, saying it would be better if the Luccianos first appeared riding to the city instead of walking.

After this is done, Elena is awakened from her nap by Joanna who shows her the approaching city. Elena and Ele see the gates to the city and speculate on their construction, but soon lose interest when they see the city of Milia. After traveling the city, they spot a Rhetor whom Ele thinks is attractive, causing Elena exasperation. When her rhetor guard and Elena's mother come back, they leave and head to Studio De Luca.